Resounding difficult histories

Resounding difficult histories

Forthcoming, publication scheduled for spring 2021

'Resounding difficult histories', an essay in the publication 'OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN: Re-enactment strategies in contemporary arts and theory', edited by Cristina Baldacci, Clio Nicastro, Arianna Sforzini

This publication will appear in the ICI Berlin 'Cultural Inquiry' series, in paperback and for open online access.

The essay reflects on works which explore the challenge of letting difficult histories resonate in the present: more specifically, the question of finding fitting modes of re-enactment between the demands of sensitivity in the use of documentary material, and providing a present-day position on why and how these materials may be incorporated in artworks today, as well as contributing to historical revision.

In 'Over and Over and Over Again: Re-enactment strategies in contemporary arts and theory' (ICI)
Book chapter