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SPOR Festival celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, with an extended catalogue, released together with the festival programme.

Alongside Lasse Laursen, Joanna Bailie and Björn Gottstein, I was invited to contribute to the catalogue, which also includes an interview with festival directors Anne Marqvardsen and Anna Berit Asp Christensen.

My essay - "ssssshshhhshhhhhhshshshshshsssssshshhshhhshhhhhh" - offers some reflections on the TACET edition of the festival in 2013, which I curated.

Pick up your copy at the festival, running 7th-10th May in Aarhus, or view the bumper 88-page catalogue online here:

May 2nd


The last weeks I've been immersed in two multimedia productions.

Watch out for more news soon about the upcoming online launch of the chamber opera TURBULENCE (2013), versionised for the internet with a film by Peter Humble with Deborah Kayser (pictured) and Anneli Björåsen. You can already look through the libretto and score by clicking this link:

Also, I've been busy making sounds for a permanent museum installation, with interactive and multi-channel exhibits.

All under covers until the summer - more info to follow. Meanwhile, thanks to all involved for incredible teamwork in these two large productions - you know who you are!

April 22nd

Next up, more brass


In February, Zinc & Copper Works premiered PLAY ON (for brass trio and electronics) at Kontraklang/Heimathafen in Berlin.

Later this month, Samuel Stoll plays ALL MY FRIENDS REALLY ARE SUPERHEROES (for horn and electronics) in the Leipzig series Musik & Gegenwart (20th April), and Jetpack Bellerive continues its Bored To Death tour playing PREVIOUSLY, ON (for violin and horn) in Berlin, Zurich and Biel (21st, 23rd, 24th April).

Click on 'Calendar' here on the left for more info.

April 5th

Tabletennis in music lessons

The schools education pack about WHY LINGER YOU TREMBLING IN YOUR SHELL? has now sold over 700 copies, and been implemented in many classrooms in Denmark.

Developed by Else Marie Okkels/Dansk Sang, with illustrations by Rasmus Bregnhøj and lots of very approachable exercises introducing composition to children aged 8-12, the book, CD and DVD are supported by a website where classes can upload soundfiles of their own compositions.

December 9th

A thousand tiny things


Ensembles SCENATET (DK) and SCHALLFELD (AT) perform a portrait concert with my work at THE CUBE, Institut für Elektronische Musik und Akustik, Graz, Austria, on 13th January 2015.

Alongside performances of HARRIET'S SONG; SAGTE ER, DACHTE ICH; SCRAPE; PROMPT, IMMMEDIATE NOW / VERY RESTRAINED AND CAUTIOUS and WHEN THE WIND BLOWS, there will be an improvised lecture-performance, MUSIC IN TRANSIT, and I will give a lecture COMPOSING WITH A THOUSAND TINY THINGS in the series Music and Sexuality/Musikwissenschaft Aktuell at Kunstuniversität Graz.

December 8th

Midnight Concert


Thursday 4th December, I'll perform a solo electronics-and-film set at Copenhagen Playhouse (Skuespilhuset), at Kaja's Midnight Concert, using samples, foley and instrumentals to accompany the films LAZNIA (2013), ALLERLEIRAUH (2004) and LA COQUILLE et le CLERGYMAN (1927). Other acts at the Midnight Concert are Jacob Anderskov and Søren Kjærgaard/Simon Steen-Andersen.

December 2nd

Sound & Vision


On 14th November, I take part in Interfilm Festival's Sound & Vision event at Volksbühne, Berlin, in a line-up with 20 musicians and sound artists making live music for short films, including Younnat, Klangschneider und Schneider, Scene, Small Beach, and more.

It's the third year in a row that I take part in Sound & Vision, and this year I will perform solo with water and electronics to Tomek Ducki's award-winning animation short LAZNIA.

November 6th

Matches and TV

New work

SPEAK Percussion is commissioning a new work for amplified matches, which we are developing this week in Copenhagen during SPEAK's DIVA residency, hosted by Klang Festival. The residency is part of Melbourne-based SPEAK's European tour, which is also taking them to Lithuania, Latvia, Sweden and Norway.

On 6th November, performance collective Jetpack Bellerive kicks off its Bored to Death tour, premiering PREVIOUSLY, ON at Kunsthalle Sankt Gallen, Switzerland, alongside new works by Timothy McCormack, Aleksandra Gryka, Max Murray, Michael Pelzel, Stefan Wirth, Stephen Crowe, Niklas Seidl, Lars Werdenberg and Stefan Wirth. In Bored to Death, contemporary music meets contemporary television.

October 30th

Trembling superheroes

Ernst Surberg plays RING A RING at the Berlin Haus der Kulturen der Welt 25th anniversary festivities, 'ein Fest für Auge, Ohr und Gaumen', on 22nd October.

And on 25th October, Esbjerg Ensemble & Tanja Zapolski give a portrait concert of my music, TREMBLING SUPERHEROES, at Hofteatret/Wundergrund Festival in Copenhagen. The programme includes works ranging from the dark and sparse ALL THAT WE CANNOT SAY via the roaring SCRAPE to this year's RING A RING and THE COASTLINE PIECE III: WEST, including several Danish premieres.

Meanwhile, I'm working on a new duo - PREVIOUSLY, ON - for Jetpack Bellerive from Switzerland, as part of their Bored to Death production which tours from November, starting at Kunsthalle Sankt Gallen on November 6th.

October 7th


Concerts coming up in September:

Preview, Vadehavs Festival, Esbjerg Kunstmuseum, Esbjerg Ensemble

13th September SCRAPE
Sonic Festival, Literaturhaus Copenhagen, Zoe Martlew

Colourscape Festival, Clapham Common London, Alan Tomlinson

World Premiere, Klangspuren Schwaz, Esbjerg Ensemble

September 2nd