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All Around

New work

Sunday 5th May the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra with Ilan Volkov premieres ALL AROUND (2019), commissioned by the BBC for Tectonics Festival, Glasgow.

ALL AROUND is all ubiquity, about sounds close up and far away, and about combining the familiar and the arcane in our everyday lives. Full of random sequences, the everyday comes at us from all directions at any time. When we decide to stop in the middle of all that and go into a concert we leave much of it behind, but of course we use the same pair of ears wherever we go, and the same mind to make sense of what we hear - so sounds from all around collide in our perception.

Also at Tectonics, Juliana Hodkinson joins Christian Wolff, Ilan Volkov, Malcom Arnold, Lucie Vitkova, Jorge Boehringer, Angela Sawyer, Mik Quantius and Maya Verlaak in a performance of Christian Wolff's 'Burdocks' (1971) on 4th May.

Festival opening with Burdocks, 4th May
All Around, Concert programme and tickets, 5th May

March 26th


New work

Coming up on 9-10th March 2019 is the new work ♥ LOVE commissioned by Borealis Festival, Bergen, and devised by Juliana Hodkinson, Ensemble Adapter and Icelandic Love Corporation in collaboration.

♥ LOVE is the theme that millions of politically active people all over the world have adopted as an adequate response to global power struggles and humanitarian and environmental crises in dramatic escalation. Megaphones, pussy hats, mash-ups, protest chants, sit-ins and knit-ins; people are sounding out in spontaneous and ever more creative ways, casting love as a tool for political action.

♥ LOVE takes the audience by the hand, amplifying the modes of engagement, consent, dissent and boredom by which spectators respond to performances. There will be tickling, shaking, blowing, fumbling, peeping and random gestures of kindness. Sparks will fly, it could get complicated/wet, and maybe your lucky number will come up.

Family Event, 9th March
Festival Closing Concert, 10th March
More about Icelandic Love Corporation

February 10th

The drama of listening without dialectics

MusikTexte 160 has republished 'The drama of listening without dialectics' in German - translated by Gisela Gronemeyer-Oehlschlägel

This article was originally published as 'Dramatiken i att lyssna utan dialektik: om Salvatore Sciarrinos tysta musikramatikken’ in Nutida musik, 2009, No. 3, pages 15-19, and is derived from a chapter of the author’s PhD thesis Presenting Absence: Constitutive Silences in Music and Sound Art Since the 1950s (University of Copenhagen, 2007).

February 7th

Scrape at Dark Music Days


Zoe Martlew (cello) and Jesper Pedersen (sound) perform SCRAPE (2009), for distorted cello with metal plate at Reykjavik's Dark Music Days festival, on 31st January, alongside works by Tanja Orning/Christian Wallenrød, Bjørn Fongaard, Daniel Bjarnason, Bent Sørensen and Anders Nordentoft.

Dark Music Days festival programme

January 22nd

Heroines of Sound


Upcoming December concerts:

Århus Sinfonietta plays WATER LIKE A STONE (1997) in Randers, Aarhus and Skive, Denmark, 1st-3rd December, alongside music by Line Tjørnhøj, Birgitte Alsted and Thomas Agerfeldt Olesen.

And Ensemble KNM plays PROMPT, IMMEDIATE, NOW / VERY RESTRAINED AND CAUTIOUS (2013) at Berlin's Heroines of Sound Festival/HAU2 on 7th December, alongside work by Jessie Marino, Ana Maria Rodriguez and Katharina Rosenberger

Aarhus Sinfonietta Christmas Tour
Heroines of Sound: Programme, Day 2

November 21st

Berlin concerts


Upcoming in Berlin:

Ensemble KNM performs PROMPT, IMMEDIATE, NOW / VERY RESTRAINED AND CAUTIOUS (2013) on 21st September 2018, at NordiConTempo Festival / Kesselhaus, alongside works by Malin Bång, Clara Ianotta, Mansoor Hosseini, Simon Steen-Andersen and Mauro Godoy Villa-Lobos.

Sonar Quartett and Andreas Borregaard perform AND HAVE NOW FORGIVEN EVERYTHING (2018) on 15th October 2018 at Kontraklang / Heimathafen, alongside works by Jennifer Walshe, Marc Sabat and Li-Ying Wu.

Phoenix16 + noiserkroiser perform an expanded version of SOMETHING IN CAPITALS (2017) on 31st October 2018 at Heimathafen, alongside works by James Dillon, Hans Zender, Brian Ferneyhough, Jonathan Harvey, Vladan Radovanovic and electronic pioneer duo Louis & Bebe Barron.

September 20th

Atonal music all around!

The S-Bahn Berlin is planning a pilot project in September, to disperse homeless people from S-Bhf Hermannstraße with the use of atonal music in the entrance hall.

Atonal music all around?? Great idea! Many thanks to the S-Bahn for this impulse; the initiative neue musik berlin invites everyone to turn up on 24th August at 7pm at the station entrance, bringing food, drink and atonal music for everyone. See the Facebook event for current details.

August 22nd

And have now

New work

On 16th September, accordionist Andreas Borregaard and Sonar Quartett from Berlin will premiere Juliana Hodkinson's new work AND HAVE NOW FORGIVEN EVERYTHING (2018), at the Open Days Festival, Utzon Center, Aalborg - alongside works by Maja Ratkje, Li-Ying Wu, Bent Sørensen and Nicolai Worsaae.

AND HAVE NOW FORGIVEN EVERYTHING is commissioned by Andreas Borregaard and Sonar, with support from the Danish Arts Foundation and Danish Composers' Society. Borregaard and Sonar will perform the new work also on 15th October 2018 in the Kontraklang concert series in Heimathafen, Berlin.

Open Days festival programme

August 16th

Distributing opera

Agile Opera Digital is launched as an online resource for approaches to adapting live opera to digital and spatial forms, and concludes an extensive research project at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. Juliana Hodkinson and Cynthia Troup's opera TURBULENCE (2013) is one of the works at the heart of the Agile Opera collaboration between Chamber Made Opera and RMIT.

TURBULENCE has been presented as: live performance; film - by Peter Humble - (online, outdoor cinema and gallery installation); radio broadcast; sampled and remixed within other compositions, and in combined film and live performance versions.

Agile Opera Digital presents a video keynote presentation by Juliana Hodkinson and interview with outgoing Chamber Made Opera executive producer Tim Stitz, from the MicroLab seminar held at RMIT in December 2016.

Presentation and interview video

July 1st

Da, for 'Darmstadt'

Juliana Hodkinson is Visiting Composer at the Darmstadt Summer School 2018, with performances of her music and teaching activities. On 16th July, Speak Percussion will perform two works written for them - LIGHTNESS (2015) and THRESH (2018, commissioned by the Darmstadt Summer School), and on 24th July Frauke Aulbert and Malgorzata Walentynowicz will perform X&X (2017), which Juliana Hodkinson and Niels Rønsholdt composed together for Monika Pasiecznik's curated programme Série Rose.

Juliana Hodkinson will join Gunnhildur Einarsdottir, Liza Lim and Martin Iddon, mentoring composers at the harp workshop, and is also available for individual and group composition lessons.

Darmstadt Summer Course programme

June 22nd