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New work

On 11th April, Norwegian trio Poing! gives the first performance of PASS (2018), at Sentralen in Oslo, as part of the Periferien concert series.

PASS is commissioned by Poing! with the support of the Norwegian Arts Council.

Listeners are central to the unfolding of this work ; together with the musicians of Poing! they form a temporary collective, uphold a colourful assemblage, extract a drone - in short, they are invited to co-create a resonant and illuminated environment, within which to enjoy moderate and meaningful dissonance, and find an adequate balance between aesthetic materiality and spirituality.

Pass with Poing

March 19th

Jounce and Scrape


On 3rd April, Karolina Öhman gives the German premiere of JOUNCE (2016) for solo cello with two modified bows at BKA Theater, Berlin, and on 17th April Cosima Gerhardt and André Bartetzki play SCRAPE (2009) for solo cello with metal plate and electronics at Ensemble KNM's 4Real festival at Radialsystem, Berlin.

Never Ending Journey

March 15th

Eclat / Kompositionspreis Stuttgart


Two works by Juliana Hodkinson open and close the Eclat Festival in Stuttgart this year: LIGHTNESS (2015), which will be performed by Ensemble Mosaik on 31st January 2018, and CAN MODIFY COMPLETELY/ IN THIS CASE/ NOT THAT IT WILL MAKE ANY DIFFERENCE (2016), performed on 4th February 2018 by SWR Symphony Orchestra with Aart Strootman (solo electric guitar) and Manuel Nawri (conductor). The two works will be awarded the 62nd Composition Prize of the State Capital Stuttgart by the mayor of Stuttgart at the concert on 31st January.

Festival programme:
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January 3rd

Poppen kannste woanders


Phønix16 and S.A.F.T. give the first performance of (something in capitals) (2017), for voices, gadgets and instruments, at Columbia Theatre, Berlin, on 30th December 2017, alongside John Zorn's Cobra, and new pieces by Matias Monrad Møller and Paul Frick.

The concert is part of Phønix16's Berlin series: Arbeiten kannste morgen - Shoppen kannste selber - Shoppen kannste morgen - Erschrecken kannste selber - Poppen kannste woanders!

(something in capitals) is Juliana Hodkinson's second collaboration with Phønix, and will be followed in March 2019 by a new work when Phønix, Hodkinson and & co. will do Something about Brexit.

December 28th

Playing with objects and subjects


On 13th December, Juliana Hodkinson presents her some of her current artistic research in practice (and vice versa), to the Music, Thought and Technology cluster at Orpheus Institute, Ghent, Belgium - including a performance by Catherine Laws of WHEN THE WIND BLOWS (2009) for piano, toys and audio playback.

This presentation continues Juliana Hodkinson's series of performative speculations into the literal and physical extension of artistic practice and theoretical reflection into one another.

November 27th

Creating headspace

Part Two of Musicology Research's 'Music on Screen: From Cinema Screens to Touchscreens' has now been published, including Juliana Hodkinson's chapter CREATING HEADSPACE: DIGITAL LISTENING SPACES AND EVOLVING SUBJECTIVITIES.

Musicology Research is established as a bi-annual journal. The complete issue as an e-Journal can be accessed and downloaded (in PDF format) via the following link:

The chapter CREATING HEADSPACE can be accessed directly at: ISSN 2515-981X.

November 20th

Over and Over and Over Again

Closing the symposium 'Over and Over and Over Again', Juliana Hodkinson holds an artist presentation on 'Resounding Difficult Histories' at 5pm on 17th November.

Juliana Hodkinson's presentation addresses the challenges of letting difficult histories resonate in the present: the pursuit of fitting modes of re-enactment in the use of documentary material; finding a present-day position on why and how these materials may be incorporated in artworks today; contributing to historical revision, and; the use of particular recording and playback techniques to evoke a heightened sense of auditive presence in both imaginary and real spaces.

The symposium 'Over and Over and Over Again: Re-enactment Strategies in Contemporary Arts and Theory' takes place at the Institute of Cultural Inquiry, Berlin, 16-17th November 2017.

November 11th

Binaural production AFGANG 04:00

New work

For Aber Dabei's production AFGANG 04:00, Juliana Hodkinson has been composing for binaural audio, which offers a heightened sense of space and place for this site-sensitive work, based on historical events that occurred in Elsinore station in October 1943. The hybrid audio set-up for the performances is for seated binaural listening with headphones, and external loudspeakers. The music was recorded in Berlin at picaroMedia in an extensive collaboration using binaural technology under development at Technische Universität Berlin and Universität der Künste. The musicians for this pre-recorded performance are Andreas Borregaard (accordion) and vocal ensemble Phønix16, conducted by Timo Kreuser.

AFGANG 04:00 plays in Elsinore 2nd-11th November 2017, and reopens in Copenhagen in January 2018.

In Danish, suitable for age 16+

October 23rd

Resonating objects & subjects


Recently at ZKM (Zentrum für Kunst und Medien) in Karlsruhe, Mina Fred/Scenatet and Juliana Hodkinson performed NOTHING BREAKING THE LOSING (2016) with participants at the ISACS Resonating Worlds Conference. The conference addressed curating in the intersection of sound, art and science.

NOTHING BREAKING THE LOSING is a performance installation with electric viola, spoken word, objects, threads, audio playback and the involvement of the audience - which, in line with the ISACS17 theme, floats on the boundary between technology, art and sound. The ZKM performance of NOTHING BREAKING THE LOSING was part of Juliana Hodkinson's keynote presentation on Resonating Subjects and Objects, during which the extension of artistic practice and theoretical reflection into one another took a physical turn.

Photo: Ina Ciumakova

October 10th



Swedish cellist Karolina Öhman gives the premiere of JOUNCE (2016) at Sandviken Church on 5th August 2017, 1pm, as part of the Sandviken Chamber Music Festival in Sweden. JOUNCE is written for solo cello with two modified bows.

August 4th