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Published by Edition Wilhelm Hansen

PLAY was written at the request of brass trio Zinc & Copper Works, and first performed by the trio (Samuel Stoll, horn, Patrick Crossland, trombone, Robin Hayward, tuba) at Pfefferberg, Berlin, 3rd November 2010

Duration: 3 mins.

The audio track consists of one cue, which may be played back on any good-quality medium. Additionally, the players each have a foot-pedal with a number of samples to be triggered successively.

Within the score, some episodes are notated with exact rhythmic indications, other episodes are based on rhythmic flexibility/improvisation, as if gaming live with sounds. The players must attempt to retain a sense that the two compositional scenarios are related.

The score is made up of a series of modules or episodes in which the three instruments embark on timbral studies of isolated gaming sounds and also explore patterns of interaction. Some sounds are chosen for their iconic value, some for their timbral qualities.

The players can orientate themselves via internet in the sounds of Darth Vader, X-wing vs. TE-fighter and Battle of Yavin by googling them.

3 minutes
No. of musicians: 
with electronics