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Live performance by composer, performing on electric vintage sewing-machine and groovebox

First performance: Volksbühne Berlin, Interfilm Festival Sound & Vision event, 16th November 2012
Film: ALLERLEIRAUH, a short animation film by Anja Struck, 2004, 35mm

The composition of the sound piece for live performance was commissioned by Interfilm Festival, with support from the Danish Arts Foundation. The mixdown version of the sounds was nominated in the Audio category at Black&White International Audiovisual Festival, Porto 2013.

ALLERLEIRAUH can also be performed without film as a sound piece, duration 16 minutes

Allerleirauh is a surreal animation shortfilm with life-sized puppets adapted from the fairytale "Allerleirauh" by the Brothers Grimm dealing with child abuse. The film was made with life-sized puppets and a dancer. A puppet girl without legs, a deer and a fox-headed dancer in a scenery of subtle violence.

Awards for "Allerleirauh":
Grand Crystal Annecy, award for best school and graduation film at the International Animated Film Festival, Annecy, France, 2004
"ZLATKO GRGIC" Award for best first film at the World Festival of Animated Films Zagreb, Croatia, 2004

Script/Mise-en-Scene/Decor/ Montage: Anja Struck
Animation: Anja Perl, Anja Struck, Lars Henkel
Director of Photography: Angela Poschet, bvk
Puppet Construction: Harald Csipai & Anke Gruß
Costume Designer: Juliane Maier
Actors: Corine Stübi, Astrid Koch, Wolfgang Rixius
Production: Academy of Media Arts Cologne and Reflektorium Studios

8 minutes
No. of musicians: 
with electronics
with visuals
composer in performance
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