Ready for ecstasy

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Ready for ecstasy

Live solo vocal performance with immersive sound and visuals

Text and spoken word: Ursula Andkjær Olsen
Visuals and costume: Sophia Kalkau
Composition: Juliana Hodkinson
Audio mix and mastering: Peter Weinsheimer
Audio recordings: Matthias Schneider-Hollek, Peter Barnow

Pre-recorded vocals: Neue Vocalsolisten

Premiere season performed at Eclat Festival, Stuttgart:
Soprano: Truike van der Poel
Staging: Nikita Betekhtin
Text animation: Niklas Berlec
Live audio mix: Ui Kyung-Lee

READY FOR ECSTASY is based on Ursula Andkjær Olsen's poetry collection 'My Jewellery Box', in which she explores the female body in its biological and emotional life-cycles, and its connection to universal questions and processes of human existence. Juliana Hodkinson's composition translates the book into a hyper-polyphonic sonic world, in which loaded electroacoustic drones and lines surround the audience and solo performer.

55 minutes
No. of musicians: 
with electronics
with visuals
with voice
with text