Ground View

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Ground View

Work play talk shop dream wait walk stop. They have slowly but surely collapsed into one another, as we try to hold them both together and apart. Tuning in to abstract global stress is the new cultural climax - insatiable and unsatisfying. Common experiences are jumbled. Even artistic expressions of hysteria and desperation have lost their power, with spectators looking away, scrolling and swiping onward to curate highs and lows. The higher the art the further it falls, crashing into scruffy boredom and disappointment. Fragments have lost their romantic attraction. In Ground View, sonic experiences of asymmetry and inequality are the new sweet spot. The audience is invited into a modular temporary assemblage of instrumental, kinetic, verbal and environmental objects and actions. Agency shifts from module to module, and between players and listeners, as social, personal and professional roles, and the sounds of archetypal and concrete places, are constantly on the shift.

Ground View is commissioned and first performed by ensemble mosaik, as part of their series Realities, places and displacements of places, funded by the Spartenoffenen Förderung der Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Medien.

First performance: 15th May 2022, Betonhalle, Silent Green, Berlin

Composition: Juliana Hodkinson
Dramaturgy: Patrick Klingenschmitt
Photo: Anka Bardeleben

75 minutes
No. of musicians: 
with electronics